CDWE is committed to excellence in serving a diverse clientele. We go beyond the traditional Oil, Gas, and Mining industries, offering dynamic services across tourism, logistics, project management, and more. Our focus is on constant improvement and adaptability to meet your business needs with unparalleled efficiency and professionalism.

Embrace the CDWE advantage and let us support your growth in Suriname's vibrant economy.


CDWE specializes in Trade with a keen focus on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As the authorized representative for industry leaders in safety gear, we equip Suriname and Guyana with essential protection, from Bata Industrials Safety Shoes to CSP Workwear and WORKSafe® PPE. We're your trusted source for quality PPE that meets rigorous safety standards.

Your Safety, Our Specialty:
-Bata Industrials : Secure your steps with our foot protection.
-Caribbean Safety Products : Stay visible and protected with our body safety wear.
- WorkSafe : Guard your eyes, hands, and ensure safe work from heights with our comprehensive PPE range.


Facility Management:

At CDWE, our Facility Management services are designed to provide comprehensive support to our clients in effectively managing their operations. We offer Representation Services, acting as a trusted liaison between our clients and stakeholders, ensuring smooth communication and efficient coordination. Our Partner Selection Process helps clients identify and collaborate with reliable partners to optimize their business operations. Additionally, we offer Human Resource Management & Procurement Services to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Our Governmental Services assist clients in navigating regulatory requirements and facilitating smooth interactions with relevant authorities.

With our diverse range of services and commitment to excellence, CDWE is your trusted partner in Suriname's mining, oil & gas industry. We work tirelessly to deliver value-added solutions that meet your specific needs, ensuring success in a dynamic and challenging business environment.