CDWE strives to always meet the highest standards of current and future clients in order to maintain its position as an efficient, honest and professional company through regular evaluation and improvement of its strategies, policies, processes, procedures and management. This is to expand the client base by offering services mainly for the Oil, Gas and Mining industry in Suriname.

Representation Services

Partner Selection Process

HRM & Procurement Services

Governmental Services

 Our Values

We believe that reliability is key to building trust and we will always be there to support our clients. 

We will never compromise our integrity and always use ethical behavior, honesty and fairness in everything we do every day. 

We are committed to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all parties and preserve our client’s best interest. 

We see our clients as partners and continuously innovate and anticipate our client’s current and future need.

We focus on achieving results that add the best possible value for all our stakeholders.

We value our people and believe that working together is the best way to accomplish the purpose and vision of our company.

We strive to identify and implement efficiencies in order to create maximum value for our stakeholders.